Meet Virginia

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me
Erma Bombeck 

I am a storyteller from way back; I am a published author of three books that allows me to showcase my life through my most colorful of perceptions. I believe we all have a story. I believe that we evolve because of how our stories have impacted our lives. Each experience carries us forth to our present moment.  My story, as all of our stories, tell the journey of our life, the disappointments, our healing, the people that we met who enriched our lives, and those that added to our pain.

Our stories can inspire us to live better lives, transform us to a new way of living or they can keep us mired in our limited belief’s, pain and suffering. We all can remember at least one of our stories and how that experience taught us something we will never forget.

Our stories tell us how or what to think, what we have been taught to believe, what defines us. It also tells us who is allowed in our space, what we are too young to create or too old to begin.

Your stories tell me about what you believe about relationships, money, work, your health. Do the words we speak empower us or do they pull us down?

Change how we see our stories and our perception will then change. We learn we can’t change the facts of our history, we can, however, change our relationship with our experiences.

I would like to tell you some of my story. How I tried to make sense of my life as both a descendent of European parents trying to assimilate themselves into a culture foreign to them to being a first generation Canadian who tried to integrate herself into both these two worlds.

By listening to other people’s stories of how they healed we can become inspired to believe that our own healing is possible.

 My story involved growing up with prejudice, limited financial resources, injustice, and language barriers.

Because of that I learned to fight injustice, to realize that we are all beings struggling for the same things, acceptance, love, dignity, respect. That led me volunteering for various organizations including Hospice, Meals on Wheels and Seniors Organizations.

My story also involves depression. A mother who suffered from it, who couldn’t express her own truth so she internalized her pain and suffered from it.

Because of that story I have worked in the mental health field for the last 4 years and have learned to understand that mental illness is treated as a stigma but doesn’t define who a person is. Depression is not indicative of a flawed human being but can be managed and an individual can thrive in spite of their struggle.

My story also involves my parents love of nature. That growing your own organic food was and is an essential aspect of life. Fresh, healthy food was necessary for our wellbeing, that natural herbs for healing were a integral part of my upbringing. Garlic for colds was a staple, not always welcome to others listening to us from a close distance, but a necessary healing tool. Respect of the earth was paramount.


Because of that story I went back to school and studied Homeopathy and nutrition so I could offer that gift of knowledge that was given to me to others.


My story involves the privilege of caring for several dying loved ones and from that learning that every being deserves compassion and dignity as they are preparing to leave this world.

Because of that story I volunteered at Hospice to care for those who are dying and the caregivers who give so much and are often forgotten.

My story involves my own healing, years of cultivating self-awareness to continue to find the wisdom within we all strive for.

That story showed me the path to Mindfulness Meditation, Native Healing Circles, and wise teachers and guides.


You may wonder why I tell you these stories, it is because of my experiences of life that I can help and support others as they learn to create better stories for their lives.

It is my personal story, the experience and wisdom that I have gained that enables me to offer that to others. My experiences and how I successfully overcame them inspires me to give inspiration to others.

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