I love telling stories, I love to make people laugh. Laughing sooths the soul, calms tension and allows us to heal. Laughter gives the heart a much needed respite from the bravery it takes to wake up and face the complexities of an uncertain world.

Mother Load Cover


Ginny, our heroine, grew up in a traditional ethnic family caught between two worlds with distorted and often amusing perspectives. She is a counselor who has her fair share of quirky clients. There is Dora whose biological clock is ticking so fast, her eggs are cracking as we speak. She has a mother who ardently believes that being married will elevate her to sainthood, and then there is Ginny’s cousin who needs help finding the money her no good stepfather stole from her mother, and a hunky love interest – all leading to a series of amusing adventures and mishaps.


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Our Willingness Book Cover

Learning to cope and deal with her own depression Virginia sought out various healing ways during her journey to feel whole again. While seeking and exploring the “unconventional” she gained numerous insights and was inspired to become a Life and Wellness Coach to assist others in pursuing and realizing their goals. This book is steeped in techniques motivated by her own life experiences and also includes stories as a way to capture the imagination and bring awareness through storytelling.


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